dimanche 5 février 2012

différence entre un Smargo original et cloné

The Smargo Smartreader Plus is the leading smartcard reader in the market. Because of the success a low quality Chinese clone product was introduced on the market. The fake smartreader can damage smartcards, resets often during operations and usually breaks down after a while.
We want to help customers to determine that they purchase a high quality genuine smartreader with 1 year full guarantee.


You can determine very easily if a smartreader is a clone on the following:

1 New arrow model --------- Housing, sticker and improved firmware version 1.04 or higher

We stopped production of the round shape around 1st quarter of 2009. The housing of a genuine Smargo Smartreader has an arrow shape. Besides the new housing, we only use the MaxDigital brand. On the back of the Smargo Smartreader you find a sticker. The Max Digital logo can only be found at a real Smargo Smartreader. The new models will be shipped from the 2nd quarter of 2010 only with new 1.04 software or higher.

2 Do NOT buy the old model smartreader !!! It is not available anymore and therefore probably fake.

If you buy nowadays a smargo Smartreader with round case, you will probably have a fake/clone version.
Some clones can be detected by opening the housing. The warranty of a genuine smargo smartreader will not void because of opening the case.

Smartcard connector inside the housing

If you open the smartreader you will see letters on the black smartcard connector. The letters "MUP" indicate that your smartreader is a fake.

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